Type/Offset List

In Fire Shifts, use the table below to easily find your city’s defaults. Click here if table is not visible.

Not on the list? Email me with your city, state, type, offset and colors. I’ll add it to the list. kevin@fireshifts.com

182 Responses to Type/Offset List

  1. james says:

    I work for richmond, Va. city fire dept. We work in cycle such as: tues, thrus, sat., mon, fri., Sun., wed. Can you please make one for Richmond

  2. Eric says:

    The department I work for has two types of schedules that we run together. We have two employees working 24/48’s (schedule type 2 on the app), and then another two employees work the 24 on/24off /24on /72off (Schedule type 14 on the app).
    Would it be possible to upgrade the app to be able to select the schedule type for each shift number? This would enable me to set up the entire departments schedules with the app.

  3. Kevin Dieter says:

    Like Calender, only problem I have is, there should be a way to change the background color. I use black as a shift color and it looks all combined with background color.

  4. Julian says:

    And would it be possible to mark today in a way?

  5. alex clark says:

    the calender sync is inaccurate.I entered info on google and dates sync to different day.would not completely rely on added events.not bad for quick view of shifts which can be done with free version.

  6. alex clark says:

    problem must be with phone this app works great once you find the right shift your on.

  7. Ian says:

    do you do a 4 shift cycle for 10/14 shifts,
    10 hour days by 2 then 14 hour nights by 2 then 4 off

  8. holly says:

    I work as a firefighter in england and this calendar can be applied to suit any shift pattern here. Thanks so much for making my life easier!!

  9. adrienne says:

    Like calendar but wish there was option similar for my schedule. I work a 12 hour rotation 2 wk days an 2 wk nights the EMS schedule matches rotation on 15 day calendar but there is no day night shift option. All together my service has 4 shifts ( A,B,C,D) if this option could be added then it would be awesome app

  10. Gerry says:

    Hi guys!
    Any idea what number is 7 on 4 off 7 on 3 off? Thank you

  11. Jody henry says:

    We work a 24 48 with a kelly day ever wednesday can you help

    • chris jung says:

      Try shift number 48. I do same with wed as kelly. I had to set offset up by 13 days to set the weeks right. But if is opposit for you try offset of 5.

  12. chad says:

    Great app, how can i put in a 24 on24off 24 on and f
    ive days off thanks

  13. rich says:

    Hi, great app but please could you add an AABBCCDDDD shift pattern. Thanks, Rich.

  14. names novak says:

    Could you update it so i can see the entire next calander year.

  15. Doug says:

    I work sun,wed,sat,mon,thurs,tues,fri. That is our rotation every 3 weeks. Its a forward slash. Can you make this available? Thank you.


  16. cyndal says:

    Which number is for the shift 24 on/ 24 off/24 on/ 24off/ 24 on/ 96 off?

  17. ivelisse says:

    cool app but it does not work for Puerto Rico. Every shift is of 8 hours 3 per day of 4 groups (ABC then D is off this goes two day in a row… after that then it goes DAB, C is off for 2 days… CDA, B off for 2 days… and so on)

  18. daryl says:

    I can not find where debit/kelly days are added. Also, there was never an option to uninstall in order to recieve refund?

    • monica says:

      Hi Daryl,

      Fire Shifts-Pro syncs with your Google Calendar, so you enter your Kelly days on your Google Calendar, and the symbols appear on the Fire Shifts-Pro app calendar. Here is tutorial, that can walk you through it.

      Fire Shifts-Pro Tutorial

      Let us know if it still isn’t working for you.


  19. Lynn says:

    We work with ABC shifts. We work a 24 every other day for 4 shifts. Then 4 days off. Then we work every other day for 4 more shifts and have 6 days off. Kind of a 24 day rotation. I can’t find anything like that on your list. That schedule is for the Ogden Fire Dept in Ogden Utah.

  20. Tony says:

    Maybe Im clueless and missed it..But is there any way to set up a 4 on 2 off (8hr shifts) rotation?

  21. Ryan says:

    Can you make a schedule to do 10/14’s?. 2 10hr days followed by 2 14hr nights, then 4 off.

  22. Will says:

    I am a LEO and work 12’s. 2 on 2 off 3 on 2 off 2 on 3 off beginning on a Monday it is 2 week rotation. I have my schedule as #26 (mecklandburg) with a 7 day offset. My question to you is, is there a way I could customization the schedule to show a bi weekly payday? (Ie; every other Friday). Is it possible for you to customization the app so that someone could input a 1 or 2 or 3 week schedule and give the app the ability to just duplication the pattern for the rest of the calendar year? Just a thought. Thanks again. Great app.

  23. mark troublefield says:

    My work schedule for the month of February is I work the 1,4,6,9,14,17,19,22,25,27. Just wondering if you could make a calendar

  24. lee henderson says:

    This is a great app. One problem though, is it possible to manually input holidays and maybe bank holidays too would be great

    • monica says:

      Hi Lee,

      We’ve added an option to sync with a Holiday calendar on the Fire Shifts-Pro version. For instructions, go to the “About” page and scroll down beneath the 2 tutorials.

  25. jason says:

    I work a set schedule. Sunday Tuesday Thursday. Is there a way to get it to set up like that?

  26. tom says:

    I am also looking for a 4 on 2 off rotation. For example 4 A’s, 2 days off, 4 B’s, 2 days off, 4 C’s, 2 days off and so on. Is this possibly available on the pro version? Also, any way to add overtime? Thanks.

  27. Belinda Brown says:

    LaCounty Fire is 11 with a 2 day offset …fyi

  28. joe says:

    I work Mon thru Thursday 6a to 6p off Fri thru Sun set schedule.

  29. mike says:

    I work a 48 on 48 off with a Kelly every time b shift lines up with Mon Tues. There is only a and b shift. B shift was the 28 and 29 of Ap.ril

    • Monica says:

      You can modify Shift Type #20 with an offset of “None.”

      A: Color-optional, Label-blank
      B: Color-different from A, Label -blank
      C: Color-same as A, Label-blank
      D: Color-sames as B, Label-blank

  30. John says:

    Los angles Co Fd, #11 and 2 is way off, does not match my shift calendar not even close.

    • monica says:

      Hi John,

      If you change the offset to 6 days, it should line up again. Thanks for letting us know it was listed incorrectly. The list has been updated.


  31. steve jeremiah says:

    I work for Riverside city, ca. We work a 4/6 schedule and i cant sync the schedule. Ours ca be viewed at our unions we site. Riverside firefighters 1067.org

  32. Frayne says:

    Useful app. Does Fire Shifts Pro allow me to label my 10/14 (2 days, 2 nights, 4 off) shifts D C B A instead of A B C D, or is there any easy fix for Fire Shifts Free.


  33. Alex says:

    I love your app, but had to get rid of my android phone for financial reasons. Have you thought about creating a version I can use on my iPod touch. They just don’t have an app that’s as good as this one

  34. Ryan Fix says:

    I purchased fire shift pro cause it said it was completely customizable. That is completely false. I work a shift that is not even in the list and there is nothing I can do about it.

    • monica says:

      Hi Ryan,

      The description for Fire Shifts-Pro states:

      “Pro version of Fire Shifts, a customizable Fire and EMS Shift Calendar. Sync with Google Calendar.
      A customizable Fire and EMS Shift Calendar.
      Easily select various shift types such as 24/48 (ABC), 48/96 (AABBCC), etc. Customize labels and colors for each of your shifts to easily highlight your personal schedule. Visit http://www.fireshifts.com to see a full list of scheduling options.”

      We also continue to add different shift types to Fire Shifts and Fire Shifts-Pro. If you would like to email us your schedule, we’d be happy to try to add your shift type for you in our next update.

  35. Bryan Jewell says:

    I was wondering if you had a schedule that follows this pattern, 24 on, 24off, 24 on, 72 off?

  36. Mathew ward says:

    Hi I was wandering if you could add the colour purple and the term off? Great app that is simple to use

  37. Mathew ward says:

    Thanks for adding purple it’s made it so much easier to use. Its there any way to add in my holidays? Thanks

  38. Sebastien says:

    Just a request…any chance of adding a task/to do component to this calender?

  39. Terence says:

    I work a 12hr -4 on and 4 off schedule with 2 days on days and 2 on nights from 6a -6p then from 6p-6a. At Clearwater paper in Shelby, N.C. can use work this into ur app if possible. Thanks.

  40. John Spinelli says:

    I work for American Medical Response in Contra Costa County,Ca. Would it be possible to do … A (M,W,e/o Sat) …B (T,Th,e/o Sat … C (F,Sun). Thanks

  41. James says:

    Is there any way you can split the days in halve so can set for days and nights??
    We work 2days 2nights 4off but be good to see what shift is on other days.
    For example have red on bottom half of day for 2days green on top for those 2. Then brown on bottom for next 2 with red on top, and so on

  42. tom wick says:

    I am looking for a 4 on (days) 2 off then 4 on (aftrrnoons) 2 off. 8 hour shifts. Days and afternoons only. Thanks!

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  44. sergey says:

    cool app but it does not work for metallurgy . Every shift is of 8 hours 3 per day of 4 groups. d – free day. a -7-15, b-15-23,c-23-7

    aaaadbbbbddccccd !!!! thanks for app

  45. Mike says:

    I’m guessing you could save adding shifts to the list if you allow for any letter in the settings rather than just “A” for the 1st shift, “B” for the 2nd etc. I could use one of the other departments 24hr shift except we don’t use the same letters.

  46. Stephen Kohn says:

    I couldn’t find the schedule for the Honolulu Fire Department listed but through others comments and some lucky guesses here it is. #6 with Offset of 3 days.
    Love this app, makes life easier.


  47. Jane Anderson says:

    Having problems changing the start day of my 2 day 2 night 4 off shift.
    Maybe it’s me doing something wrong!!!

  48. Gareth says:

    Hi Any chance can you amend no. 47. so the days off CCCC can be split into 2 colours. That is 2 days CC one colour and the other 2 days CC another colour. I have the C’s as Rota days and would like to indicate the 2 other watch colours on these days. Thanks

  49. Kevin Jacobs says:

    How do you do shift swaps or pto in this app

  50. mike says:

    I work a 3 week rotation of sun wed sat, Mon Thurs, Tues Fri. Our 4 days fall on the weekend. Is there a schedule on here that I am missing or can you make one? I like the looks of the app if I can make it work my situation.

  51. James Zeigler says:

    I’m looking for Birmingham Alabama shifts. I’m not sure what type and offset mean. We work 24 on 48 off with a 9 shift Kelly cycle. Thanks

    • monica says:

      Hi James, When you open the menu on the Fire Shifts app, you should see an option for Shift Type. Open it, and your basic schedule is Shift Type #2 (ABC) 24 on 48 off. You would have to use Fire Shifts-Pro to program in your Kelly days. Check out the tutorials for more detailed instructions:

  52. Dimitris says:

    I work in Athens (Greece) here we work 24 hours and 48 hours off…..help me to find the wright type….. thanks

  53. Dave Hawkyard says:

    Hi , some help please, can you tell me what shift number would cover the following shift pattern.
    5 on 2 off, Monday to Friday , Saturday Sunday off.
    Earlies , nights, lates .
    Cheers Dave.

  54. elias says:

    I work in horton, kansas kickapoo tribal fire dept and we have a modified kelly schedule

  55. Dave Hawkyard says:

    Hi, thanks for that. I’m trying to work it out, I think I’m the reason you shouldn’t let old people have modern gadgets !!

  56. Brent Jones says:

    I work in Lincoln Nebraska, we work 24on 24off for 13 days(7 shifts with A B & C shifts) then we are off 8. We always start on Wed and end on Monday if that makes any difference. If a version of this schedule is available let me know.

  57. Dave Hawkyard says:

    Hi, have gone pro to see if it gives me any more options?

  58. Dave Hawkyard says:

    Hi Monica, is it possible to modify number 62 to add a third week ? We do early (6 till 2) .nights (10 till 6) and lates (2 till 10).

    Regards Dave

  59. Brent Jones says:

    I work in Lincoln Nebraska,we work 24on 24off for 13 days(7 shifts with A B & C shifts) then we are off 8. We always start on Wed and end on Monday if that makes any difference. If a version of this schedule is available let me know. Can you make a version of this for me?

  60. Stephen Brown says:

    hey guys great app, i need to suite our roster of

    Day day afternoon night rdo rdo rdo day day afternoon night rdo rdo rdo, many thanks also when we go on leave our duty line changes how would i facilitate this pls, many thanks…

  61. ken_haddy@ntlworld.com says:

    great app for uk fire service 8 week pattern

  62. nick says:

    Could you add the schedule ABCC for the fire department of Antwerp, Belgium?
    it’s a 12 hour shift, day, night en 2 off.

  63. AJ Chitwood says:

    Works great for my typical 24/48 shift but I can’t find one for my father-in-laws 24on 24off 24on 24off 24on 96off

  64. philip says:

    I work a modified 48/72. 48 on 72 off 48 on 72 off 48 on 48 off. Is there a schedule on here that would work. It is also a set kelly.

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  66. Brett says:

    Would be great if you could add personnel to the shift that they work. I have a lot of friends and family that use the same shift schedule but can never remember when there working.

  67. amilton says:

    bom dia, onde trabalho, no Brazil, Brasilia, temos a escala (12×24 12/72) como faço para configura-lá? não percebi uma opção no programa. obrigado.

  68. mike says:

    I know I can go to Google calendar and put in vacation days etc and it I will be on fire shift calendar. Is there a way to have vis a versa so my shift would show on Google calendar?

  69. Jørn Hansen says:

    Could you add the schedule for Bergen fire department, Norway.
    We work a 4 week schedule. 24 hours at weekdays and 48 hours at weekends.

    Week 1 ( starting monday Jan. 26.2015)
    D B C D B A A

    Week 2
    B C A B C D D

    Week 3
    C A D C A B B

    Week 4
    A D B A D C C

    Thanks 🙂

  70. Jason says:

    I work in Omaha, Ne. We work a 24 on 24 off for 5 shifts with 6 off. #38 gets me close but moving the offset will get one shift right with the other 2 flip flopped.

    • Rickey says:

      I work for the Jefferson Parish Fire Dept(local 1374) . we work your schedule, I set the type to 102 with a six day offset and worked great for me.

  71. rik says:

    Hi there. We have a four watch system, I.e. AA,BB,CC,DD. Do you have that so I could load it? Many thanks. It just starts again after.

  72. Stephy Thompson says:

    Are you able to do up a roster for 24hours on __ 24hours off___ 24hours on then 5 days or 120 hours off this is for a Sydney Australia workplace. I hope you can help.

  73. Brent vogel says:

    We are going an
    2 on
    2 off
    3 on
    2 off
    2 on
    2 off
    Schedule starting on a Sunday

    I haven’t seen one like that on here yet


    Meus parabéns ao Fireshifts.
    Sou do Corpo de Bombeiros do Estado de São Paulo e o Fireshifts caiu como uma luva.
    É perfeito para nós.


    Meus parabéns ao Fireshifts.
    Sou do Corpo de Bombeiros do Estado de São Paulo – Brasil. E o Fireshifts Caiu Como Uma luva.
    E perfeito para nós.

  76. Ron McCoy says:

    We will be starting a 48 on 48 off work schedule with a 3 day RDO every 2 weeks. The RDO is split. One bi-weekly period I have a Sun RDO an next bi-weekly RDO would be a Mon. If I send you an example of out calender could you try to make it?

  77. Aaron Kimmel says:

    Maybe I overlooked it but looking for a 24 every 6th day schedule. Can you help me out?

  78. David kiviaho says:

    Hi, I can’t change the colours on my iPhone for schedule # 37, but I was able to on my android. Any reasons why??

  79. Dave says:

    No Chicago CFD?

  80. Aaron Kimmel says:

    Is there any way you could add a pattern
    ADDBDDADDB repeating? Thanks

  81. DONNIE CROSS says:

    Is there anyway to add payday’s to the calendar…THANK YOU

  82. Jim says:

    Can you make the calendar keep the previous month. It is difficult to reconcile when the previous month information disappears.

  83. Dave Hawkyard says:

    Hi, lost phone which had fire shifts pro, do I need to pay again for new phone?

  84. Matt says:

    Can you add a AABBDDCC. Red, Blue, Green, White

  85. Mike says:

    For FDNY EMS 12 hour, can you make one ABBAABBBAABBA. Red, Green. I also sent an email with a copy of the cal. to the email above

  86. Mike Erickson says:

    Need to put Omaha fire department, Omaha NE.

  87. Richard Stybar says:

    My app does not allow me to change colour and label. It says ‘more options coming soon’. I need this fixed or it is useless for me.

  88. . says:

    Like to have a way to incorporate Kelly off days with 24/48 shift. If work the best green shift and I’m off any Saturday as a Kelly Day. Same would hold true for vacation time. Great app though

  89. Steve holekamp says:

    I’m federal fire dept and we work 7 shifts. Based on a 48/73 shift cycle

  90. Jerry Schley says:

    I found the right schedule however I cannot get it to move for the appropriate amount of days so it syncs up with my current calendar at work

  91. JFog says:

    A calendar sync option, or possibly the ability to remove a day if needed for a Kelly day would be great.

  92. Steve says:

    Hi looking for a 2 days 2 nights 5 off roster.

  93. Malcolm Elliot says:

    I work 2days 2nights and 4 off. With 18 days leave over a 10 week cycle can you organise a calender to fit this duty system. There is 5 watches working this way.
    Please help if you can.

  94. Yiannis says:

    This is a great app
    I work in Cyprus fire brigade
    I use shift type #2, but how do i organize my calendar in the app?

  95. Christi says:

    Hi I had FireShifts on my Droid and love it!! We just switched to IPhone and it doesn’t give me all the options, I only have schedule type and offset. There is no where for me to choose start day of week or to input the shift settings. Does anyone else have the same issue if you did how did you correct it?

  96. Ron says:

    Why can’t I set the year on my calendar. It starts of at June 2020. There’s not an option to put in the right year

  97. Michael Adaway says:

    I work in Port Arthur Texas. We work 2 12 hour days, a 24, then 2 12 nights, then off for 4 days. Each letter is 12 hours starting with a day shift…….ACACAABABABBCBCBCC

  98. Mike says:

    Could the app be upgraded to add EDO and Holiday days we have to schedule each year so that we can just look at the app and see when we our next shift day is off? It would be a big help if it was interactive.

  99. Flavia says:

    I didn’t find my schedule. I work 12/24 e 12/72. how I can add this schedule?

  100. Yahya Atty says:

    Hi our shift is not there there is similar one but we need to start from DCBA. 24 on 24 off 24 on 120 off. Fire and Rescue NSW Australia

  101. Emrah Cantekin says:

    When will the shift colors on iOS be changed? per week in Turkey, starting from Monday. I change this setting on iOS. The Android operating system seemed to have 24/48 or 24/72 shifts. On iOS, only letters ABC and so on appear. I am very happy if you can make these edits for iOS.
    Have a nice work!
    Antalya Fire Departhment/ TURKEY

  102. Dante says:

    Why is my calendar stuck on 2020

  103. Lynn Henry says:

    My calendar is on the year 2020 also.

  104. Julie Hyde says:

    My calendar is stuck on 2020.
    Using a iPhone 😕

  105. Brad Newberry says:

    Calendar showing 2020

  106. Jason says:

    Mine showing 2020 also….

    • Kevin Jordan says:

      I’m on it. Uploading to the iTunes store now.

      I heard someone say that the iOS update fixed the issue if you can’t wait until it is updated in the App Store.

  107. Kim Brunson says:

    Why is the scheduled only showing 2019 dates

    • Kevin Jordan says:

      There is a fix… either update to the newest FireShifts in the App Store, or update your iOS to 11.2.5 or above. =

  108. Jerrell Saunders says:

    Is there a way to share my calendar?

  109. Lance upson says:

    I would love to be able to mark my vacation days on the calendar. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

  110. Ashley says:

    We work closely with mutual aid but have different schedules can I run both schedules on the app so we know what shift we are working with

  111. I work 2 days on then 3 off, I can not find the correct option to pick. So if I work monday and tuesday Im off the next 3 days and return on Saturday and Sunday, then off monday and tuesday then return on Wednesday Thursday off on Saturday ect ect. Please tell me the correct one to pick and navigate

  112. Rickey says:

    Jefferson Parish, Louisiana(Local 1374)
    Schedule type is 102 and the offset is 6
    Have used your calendar for years works great.
    Thank you for a great app

  113. Yong Han says:

    Hi, I’m using IOS version.. is it possible to change the colour for the shift like the android version..

  114. Doug Cochran says:

    I’m able to use schedule type “26 – Mecklenburg EMS,” but I also rotate from day shift to night shift every 56 days. Is there any way to adjust preferences to show the days / nights switch, other than just marking it as an event in Google Calendar? I would prefer to have days / nights shown in a different color.

  115. Aleksandr says:

    Hello, I am using IOS version. I would like to change colours as on Android. How can I do this? Thank you

  116. Giovanni says:

    I need help
    Newark nk

  117. Dave says:

    I work for proctor & gamble, we work 2-2-3 rapid rotating shift with 4 teams on a 28 day cycle, is there a schedule for that?

  118. Lee Booth says:

    What’s the easiest way to set up for a 2-2-4 shift pattern? 4 shifts as the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue UK shift.
    Thanks in advance.

  119. RIZA ALEXANDRU says:

    12 on/24 off 12 on/48 off is there any of theese shift to match this type…i didn t find any to split the day in 2 shifts

  120. John Lipina says:

    Hi, upgraded to a Samsung j7 prime, the calendars are larger print but are missing the end of the month?! January 26 days, February 23, and so on. What’s the fix? Thanks, John

  121. Enrique Hernandez says:

    Esta es una gran aplicacion muy util, pero tengo un problema, mi calendario se muestra en 5 lineas, pero la linea 5 no se ve ya que queda oculta, por lo que se mira incompleto el calendario, se ven muy grandes todos los cuadros y eso hace que no se mire completo todo el calendario. Tengo Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  122. Dan says:

    Program 12 -24 12 -48 exist ?

  123. Dennis Gromel says:

    Does not show entire month…..???? Used to work just fine.

  124. Dennis Gromel says:

    Ahh, found fix, if the font is set too large in phone settings, it cuts off last week of month.

  125. DONNA L SAYRE says:

    Is there a way to tell what calendar you are using once it is loaded? I have a new device and would rather not do a trial and error search to put it on the new one. Can you help please. Thanks

  126. Andy Dakin says:

    Is there a way to print these out so we could hang the whole year on the wall in the office for all of us to see?

  127. Travis D Nokes says:


    We work a 48/96 with a 12pm (noon) shift change. Is there a preference that can show this on the calendar or can a calendar be built for this type of schedule?

  128. Jesse Storey says:

    I am having trouble setting up my department ‘s schedule properly. Could you call me and walk me through the set up ?
    My number is 812-430-3976

  129. Mike says:

    How can my shift be programmed. Useful app, but I can’t find my schedule

  130. Pete says:

    I work 4 days on & 4 days off
    Trying to get my 4 days on in green & my 4 days off in red !
    How do I do it ???

  131. Bryan says:


    I work on a three week rotating schedule. 24 hr shifts.
    Week 1 Tuesday, Thursday
    Week 2 Monday, Wednesday
    Week 3 Sunday, Saturday

  132. Marcin says:

    I work in the Military Fire Departament Poland, Poznań, WLKP in the 24/96 ABCDE system. I can’t find anything like this on your list

  133. Den says:

    I work for Pa DOC ( # 30 ) I am red group, however the blue and green groups need to be swapped . Is there a way of editing this?

  134. Do you have a 4 on 4 off 4 on 2 off rotation calendar? If not would it be possible to create one? Thank you for your time.

  135. Steven Huggins says:

    I work at Robertson County EMS in Texas and we are switching to a new schedule on January 1st. I have to find a new calendar app but I am having trouble finding an app the has our new schedule. This app has a crazy amount of options so I’m surprised I can’t find it on yours. Maybe it’s there and I’m just not seeing it.
    Our new schedule is going to be: AABCCBAABCCB
    So two shifts (A&C) will be 48/96
    And one shift (B) will be 24/48
    Thank you for your time

  136. Kris says:

    Why can’t I see the last week of each month on my samsung galaxy s23 plus

  137. Florea Bogdan says:

    When will the update to change the colors come to iOS ?

  138. Jo Moore says:

    Do you have a program for the Chesapeake Virginia fire department??

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